Make your team unstoppable

Teamworks is a toolkit to keep your team engaged and aligned—
so you can work better together and do your best work.

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Work through common sources of dysfunction

Your team will understand, trust, and
believe in each other more.

Stay energized and in sync

You’ll have a shared vision of the work and stay focused on what matters most.

Turn conversation into action

Teamworks keeps you on track and helps make the right behaviors stick.

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Teamworks gives you the tools and space
to spark the right conversations and improve
the outcomes of your day-to-day work.

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Built on 20 years of SYPartners know-how

Through our consulting business, we’ve worked with hundreds of teams at some of the most successful companies in the world. And now we’re bringing that expertise to you.

Engaging tools the team enjoys using

Teamworks comes to you from the makers of Appy- and Webby-award winner Unstuck. We know how to combine great design with smart content and a delightful user experience.

Short, continuous bursts of improvement not one-off training

Teamworks helps you build ongoing improvement into your team’s weekly and monthly rhythms. So, you never have an all-day offsite disconnected from day-to-day reality.

A space for honest, open dialogue

SYPartners is an expert in sparking the right conversations, and Teamworks builds on that. Our tools make it easy for team members to say what needs to be said—in a way that’s productive.

Customized for small teams

Teamworks is designed to strengthen teams of 3 to 15 people—whether you’re spread out across locations or in one office, at a small company or in the middle of a large enterprise.

Noticeable change with as little as 1 hour a week of team time

Teamworks is designed for your team’s busy schedule—with individual tools that take 15 minutes and group exercises that fit within an hour-long meeting. Managers can keep the team on track with only 30 minutes a week of prep time.

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“Teamworks visibly impacted our effectiveness. The knowledge and camaraderie developed is a must-have for any team, new or seasoned.”

—Bret Janak, Perkins+Will

“I really like that Teamworks is action-oriented. It allows us to be accountable to what we’re learning and what we’re talking about.”

—Arianna Gavzy, Target