About Teamworks

You’re on a team to do what you can’t do alone

When you’re part of a great team, it seems like anything is possible. You
work hard, but it doesn’t feel hard. Your days end on a high note. Unfortunately,
a lot of things can interfere with a team’s ability to stay on a roll.

Sometimes the problem is simply team dynamics: The team doesn’t really feel like a team. Or collaboration takes more effort than it should. Or you spend precious hours dealing with conflict.

And sometimes the problem stems from the work itself: The day-to-day feels disconnected from a deeper purpose. Or the team is trying to do too many things at once. Or there’s fuzziness about the plan.

We created Teamworks to help you and your team be—and stay—at your best.

At the heart of our approach are nine core habits that SYPartners has identified in working with hundreds of teams at some of the most successful companies in the world. We know what stops a team in its tracks and what gives them an extra advantage. We’ve isolated the problems and patterns, and developed tried-and-true methods that help teams see, believe, think, and act more effectively.

Inspired by the methods and techniques we’ve used with leadership teams at Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Gap, IBM, and many others, Teamworks now makes SYP’s know-how available to aspiring teams in every kind of organization.

Unlike conventional team-building approaches, which often focus on a narrow slice of team dynamics, Teamworks takes a systemic approach—helping your team work better together and do better work.

And it’s a perfect complement to the productivity apps you use to manage your team’s workflow. Teamworks provides the missing layer—not just what the team is currently doing, but what you should be doing and why.

When you use Teamworks, your team...

  • Gets out of the endless loop of conversations about the work, so you can actually do
    the work.
  • Stops wasting energy on miscommunication and passive politics.
  • Rises above a “just get it done” mindset to do work that’s meaningful and high-impact.
  • Stays on track and ahead of potential derailers.

By investing just a little time each week in Teamworks, you can prevent situations that zap the team’s belief and potential. It’s an investment that pays off with a team that’s more engaged, more focused, and more aligned.

To do great work, you need
a great team. Let Teamworks
help you be that team.